Resort 2017 is a confident mix of classic and eclectic, minimal and maximum. Polarities unite to create cohesion in color and mood, attitude and application. With the ever present influence of personalized prevailing tastes, style is effortless, unique and leading-edge, a reflection of the educated fashionista who dons it all. Take a glimpse at Resort trends, the prelude to Spring 2017...

Clean classic maritime spirit sails with a twist... indigo, cranberry and chalk, striped, solid, and in cultural geometric patterning; pops of porcelain posies in chokers and embroidered embellishment; bare shoulders and nautical knots.

Patterns change and blend naturally... animal and lepidoptera in black, ochre, aquamarine, and linen with a base of blanc; orchid and lily accents detail the incurvate prints of seamless stripes.

Neat edges align the shore... coastal colors of sky, sand, suede and bark are uncluttered and simple; cut-outs create cool detailing with hints of mosaic minutiae; paillette patterns and pom poms are produced in contemporary fashion and well-defined format.   

Freshwater shells wash up in softened shades of periwinkle, dovetail, sage, mauve and alabaster; engineered knits are graduated in depth and color, racked and ribbed; crochet has equal impact in dusty hues, organic and original.

Pops of crayon classics in scarlet, true blue, orange, white, cornflower, navy and green are liquid and linear; varieties include influential stripes and windowpane plaids; cut and sew knits create peek-a-boo and panels of preferred color.

She is still traveling far and wide, collecting treasures along the way... rich hues of cumin, cinnamon, clove, thyme, parsley, black pepper and sea salt are a motley crew in embroidery and crochet; the mix is a mosaic of delicate patterns, global and grand.

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