The new portrait of a lady painted on the runways and at retail for Spring / Summer 2012 depicts a muse of many faces. She is frilly and feminine, bold and edgy, organic and innovative, provocative and practical... Spring into summer's looks to get you in the mood...
Chiaroscuro... Light into dark, dusky and cool, smoky-hued color ombr├Ęs into liquid shades with opal sheen and mother of pearl elements; sheers and lightweight silks drape and cloud creating mystery and intrigue with a hint in understated bright accents
Natural Order... Organic born with elegance and rhythm in nature; earth, pebbles and sand circle with vines of elemental color in tones of tiger's eye, wood and limestone
Teal & Tawny... Sun-kissed with baked shades of terracotta and malachite; turquoise, jade, cinnabar and smoky quartz create bold graphics and smooth layers of color with Palm Beach kitsch and cool attitude
All That Jazz... Deco and the 20's, graphic and geometric in ebony and white; basic elements of style, jazzed in nouveau-retro with modern-edged craft detail adding textural dimension
Verdigo... Citrine into all shades of green scope the eco feeling in pretty patterned pointelles, leaves, ikat and flora; hypnotic mixes of texture, pattern and craft interweave a primitive mood grown from nature 
White Out... Clean, crisp and tender; chalky cut-work in all categories are accompanied by embroidery and applique; sheer layers of fragile fabrics in styles with simplistic elegance are fresh and new in flurry shades of white
Lacis... From Baroque to classic glam, lace cut in all forms and fabrics, from structured to sexy, and everything in between; filigreed, fancy and fun opened in neutral shades of bisque, bronze and black
Posh Sport... Sophisticated tailoring and social elegance with vintage roots brought up to speed with upbeat whimsy; piped, prim and sporty with a lady-like sensibility, updated, balanced and proportioned oozing luxury
Culture Club... Ethnic decoration and block print patterning with tribal boldness in organic textures; native looks with an urban edge and sophistication pulsate in bark, flax, raffia and Brazil nut
Island Gypsy... Bohemian island hopper liberated in dip-dyes, tropical jacquard and motif; tangerine dreams in raffia, amber, pop beads and nesting accents create a cultural destination for get-away glamour
Thanks for springing into summer fashion with me... xoxo-Sonya

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