Denim is an American wardrobe staple and this Spring presents numerous diverse trends. You just need to pick and choose what you like and fits your taste. Get behind the trends you believe in, ones to fit your personal body-type, dressing it up or downtown with individual funk and flair...
Classic Denim... is always trending with traditional cuts or pairing with black and metal; the classic trench, funky footwear and jeans keep indigo girls happy no matter the season.
Colorful Denim... comes in all shades from pastels to earth-tones, printed floral and wild animals, brushed, coated, embellished; in skinny, cropped, flared or traditional fits.
Shades of Denim... achieved by bleaching, metallic, ombrè, patchwork and tonal prints to convey a softer side in faded hues of chambray and true blue. 
Spring 2012 paves the direction for denim dressing... A journey to find your path to style... xoxo-Sonya

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