ALL ABOUT FALL 2012 - 2013...Part 1

With a continuation of overlapping trends seen in past seasons, one thing is certain...
Decoration is King! Fashion is magical and transcendent, a pleasure to admire at its most artistic and sublime. Whether intricate piped trim reflecting a modern-edge or encrusted jewels of the saturated 80's luxe looks, detailed interest is found in abundance to enhance even the simplest of shapes. Anything goes, but key tenancies are prevalent, with textbook fashion history repeating itself. Lets have a look at the emerging Fall 2012 - 2013 compiled runway and design directions:
The New Eve... Tangerine continues to sweeten the palette for Fall from summer's end along with oxblood, amber, rose smoke and french roast; oriental taste seasons the trend with a dawning of floral, paisley and rich spirited pattern; pearls, gemstones and epoxy baubles adorn and renew.
Architecturally Speaking... Clean lines highlighted by bold piping to emphasize and enhance; contrasts in crisp color, clever cuts and structure build a strong foundation for knits and woven;  bordered and strong, modern and contemporary construction in matte and shine, polished surfaces and felted faces.
Huntress... Woodsy forest, bark, moss, dusk and honey gold complete the organic repertoire of color; darker and moody spirited elements found in leather, vintage tortoise, velveteen and faux fur herd the urban huntress; maiden warrior details in natural motifs captured in embroidery, quilting and applique.
Go For Baroque... Encrusted and medieval, Gothic romantics are embellished  with jewels and fancy filigree; stencil-cut patterns in embroidery with brocade trimming enrich the silhouettes; richly ornamental in unexpected mixes of dark and brighter shades reminiscent of fantasy and historical aristocracy.
Poetry in Purple... Rhapsody of plums, pink flambe, Bordeaux, midnight and aurora borealis; flowing ombres spill to fill color in striping, knit intarsia and burn-outs; abalone shells and seed beads; touches of flora create magical hour mystery with an emphasis on well-balanced shapes and shades.
Armor All ... Beautiful battlefields ablaze with metallic coatings of studs, paillettes, coins and nail-heads; generously covered surfaces shine in brass, antique gold, platinum, and pewter in a matte sheen with a touch of whimsical charm breaking free of the serious to unleash the ties that bind.

Stay tuned for Part 2... xoxo-Sonya

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