Spring is that perfect season we await impatiently for as the snow melts... A whole new feeling of optimism, color, romance, and style emerge. Spring 2013 combines a wealth of polar opposites in fresh combinations - hard and soft, brawn and beauty, sex and poetry - all with a fun wearable appeal. Let's have a look at the enthusiastic elements of style the designers have to offer...

Night Rider  Sexy speed, with a touch of danger revved up with biker babe zipper detailing, racing stripes and layers of rocking chain-gang metal; clever mixes in leather and lace, harness looks, buckles and strapping; mod motorcycle embellishments focus on studding and metallic leather applique.

Something to Fret About  Peek-a-boo details created from inset lattice-work and crochet tatting; intricate webs of leather ladder stitching, filigree and laser cut-work patterning for a glimpse of skin, all very meticulous and placed with precision for maximum hand-crafted novelty. 

Fringe Benefits  Flirty and funky strands give movement with a mission; from fine rayon to chunkier chainette and tape yarn, fringe is tied, beaded, braided, knotted or simply straight; longer in skirts and tops or shorter and dense as trimming and edges.

BauhauContemporary meets modern classic; clean lines and sculpted cuts in soft structured elliptical shapes with modern maturity; modish details and  neutral colors combine to create the new minimalism; layered and linear with bold details in geometric simplicity.

Go with the Flow  Draped, twisted or cascaded, movement in smooth ease are glorified by matte and sheen fabrics; sensual shapes emerge with emphasis on the body beneath displaying serenity and grace; added touches of shimmer accentuate silhouette with a return to modern femininity.

Shaman  Healing with the magic of nature's elements, charming the earthen goddess in crafty combinations of crochet, macrame, and fluid prints; bleeding-dye patterns conjure creative blends with wood motifs, trims and suede; organic embellishments carry a message of the healer within.

Anaconda  Reptilian repeats accent and assemble in accessories as well as spliced garment structure; wild with colors in all shades of blue, green, orange or pink, python patterns pair with silver scaling to captivate in newer geometric shapes.

Claiming Sleeping Beauty  Fairytale charm with storybook flair in wearable elegant silhouettes; sensual softness with attention to detail in petals of dressmaker floral embellishments; captivated by an abundance of minimalist ruffles, tone-on-tone embroidery and cinched waist ties.

Clean Cut  Blocks of clean sliced color creating austere modern architecture and layers of freshness; tonal or placed contrasts combine offering new confident suiting and accent striping.

Potpourri  A collage of prints and pattern, cut and pasted in ethnic elegance; brightly colored spicy tones in richly decorated wovens; raffia, coral, petal-fringe edging and chunky beads enrich the mix with vibrancy and essence.

Stem Wear  Florals stem from threads of life in fresh bouquets against a canvas of white or black; embroidered, beaded, placed and printed, color and foliage blossom in both larger than life and miniature scales.

Szechuwan  Asian influences in deconstructed kimonos, ivory carvings and brushstroke blossoming placement prints; cropped knee-length pants in layered suits with asymmetric one-shoulder finery; Oriental ornament and decor stir up the modern looks.

Stellar Performance  A star is born, from far off galaxies, suspended in space and time; planets in an orbit of embroidery, metal stud work, seed beads and laser pinpoint patterning; glowing, shimmering and exploding with metallic touches and galactic motifs.

With such a wealth of freshness, I'm definitely in the mood to spring into these new looks, aren't you?

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