Wow! The designer runways for Fall 2013-14 are linked by one common thread across the board - luxury. We are talking expensive fabrics, posh materials, labor-intensive treatments and fresh details making each piece in the respective collections a real work-of-art. Burn-out velvets, fur, tweeds and color-rich prints are the canvas for novelty stitching and intricate manipulations bringing fashion impact to a wardrobe, encouraging additions of investment pieces. The message is not as much about exclusively following the trends, but about loving and cherishing something - the way to build a curated wardrobe. The economy must be doing well if customers will be collecting some of these beauties! 
Let's have a look at the colors and novelties for this Fall 2013-14 season...
Fall 2013-14 Color Connection is rich in all the American and European designer collections with black as the grounding force. Many of the trends are modified versions of tendencies we glimpsed in Spring, with more detail and finesse.
Jet Skin... Black leather is a classic, but the designers used it creatively in combination with heather woven, geo-patterning and boucle. The skins are seamed, woven, fringed, quilted, studded and strapped, often showcased in shine versus matte medleys. Spring's Night Rider theme continues with a sophisticated edge, mature elegance, and a touch of class.
Bisque and Blush... The softer side to the season brings out femininity and charm as Claiming Sleeping Beauty did in Spring. Draped lingerie dressing with criss-cross construction are often belted and tied. Venerable motifs in mosaic patterning and embroidery shimmer in shades of nude, apricot and salmon, ivory and alabaster.
Keeping In Line... Linear pattern direction in knits, prints, applique and banding is straight to the point. Clean filaments accentuate the body or focus the eye in many directions. In classic or novel color pairings, often emphasized with black, stripes set the look straight.
Oh Man... Menswear plaids, tweeds, tartans, herringbone and hounds-tooth  in mannish tailoring and inventive cuts. Roomy coats, rounded shoulders,  funnel necks and sharp details create smart style with a masculine edge.
Any Way You Slice It... The color-blocking Clean Cut trend continues, only simpler with more of a focus on texture. Mixes include leather with wool crepe, satin with spandex, and stretch velvet with stretch mesh, in tonal color and clever cuts.
Grommets Galore... Punched, studded, freckled, stippled and sprinkled with grommets, everything twinkles. From hems and hosiery to pants and pocketbooks, eyelets play peek-a-boo on silk, knits and leather. 
Spirograph... Optic applications swirl about accentuating continuity of pattern. Trapunto stitch work, bi-color prints, flocked velvets and webs of manipulated silk cording stitched to perfection render some of the most intricate and posh particulars on the runway.
Birds of a Feather... In some of the most whimsical and detailed applications this Fall 2013-14, feathers have left the nest only to land in seams, on skirts, at hemlines, on shoes and as precisely placed flowers. The sky is the limit.
Weather the Storm... Damaged-looking surface treatments in applique, pixel prints, rubber printing, burn-out patterns and stormy shimmer fabrics reflect a natural element to distressed couture. Dresses, sweaters, and jackets in mousy or burnt shades are aged to perfection.
Coming Up Roses... The dominating flower in the garden is definitely the classic rose blooming on everything. Most recognized in prints, roses become adornments on shoes, cleverly engineered in knitwear and jacket tailoring, sculptured in leather accessories, and flocked on velvet and raised applique.
Fit for a Queen... Opulence is at its best, making the queen proud. Gilt and embellished bodices, belts and boots are encrusted with distinguished notions, in combinations of gold, silver, bronze and jewel tones.
Wild and Free... Don't put away any of your skins just yet. Animals are alive and well, roaming the runways, mainly in earthy tones with just touches of added color. Top cat prints are cheetah, lion, bobcat, leopard and jaguar. 
Furtastic... Some crazy, some classy, all in masterful cuts, pelted and carved, in sumptuous colors and shapes. While much of it is real, faux fur fluffed up outerwear, accents and accessories, with lower pile options as skirts and footwear.
In a Cinch... Belted, tied, buckled, tassled, and seamed, the emphasis is on the waist, the peplum trend still in middle ground. Much of the details are in leather, suede and various natural cording options.
In the Mist... Blues take on a misty hue, dancing with grey, periwinkle, powder and peacock. So many details emerge from the fog - semiprecious stone insects, paled perennials, paisley and patchwork.
In a real woman's closet, variety in savvy separates and treasured elements express good taste for the sophisticated modern lady. Choose your wardrobe well this Fall 2013-14...

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