Resort is the gateway into Spring 2014. Many of the trends we have been seeing in previous deliveries continue but with a new twist. The colors, silhouettes, and accessories make great allies to these trends, freshening up first deliveries after the fall season. Resort has been touted as take-away clothes, fit for vacation and the like. Nevertheless, the Pre Spring collections pack a punch of pretty and practical, once again providing elements of wearable style.

Color by Number embodies the now mainstream color-blocking trend, maintaining geometry with shapes in kaleidoscope colors. Often paired with black or darker grounding colors, Theo van Doesburg sharp patterns emerge in dresses, skirts, pantsuits, shoes and bangles. Axial and traverse, grids and stripes, tonal and accentuated, color value is number one.

Leaf Room for More is botanical at its best in a rainforest of shapes and color, predominately palm. Vector precision or a study in contrasts, foliage is the focus. Sweater knit intarsia, prints and embroidery are abstract and free, leaving room for fronds and stalks to pop up in shades of greenery or unexpected shadows of color.

Marrakesh embodies Moroccan spirit in ethnic petit-point embroidery and beaded details. Crochet clusters in ivory and bone mate with monochrome stitched plackets and borders. Paisley, folk and bohemian elements assemble with a foundation of white or black, giving the peasantry of color far-away luster.

Sports Page captures ease of relaxed fit paired with creative details. Heather jersey, fleece, French terry and denim host crested appliques, zippers, chainette-cord treatments and striping in the neutral zone. Easy wear and comfort support this kick-start trend as upscale work-out wear becomes part of the daily uniform with style.

Stroke of Genius is a gallery of painterly prints, patterns and pairings culminated in the artist's studio. Hand painted watercolors and bleeds, smeared, smudged, splattered and scribbled, the brush strokes speak. Tailored or fluid, the body's canvas shapes are controlled, while the color runs wild.

The Bold and the Beautiful boast large scale floral prints and charming accessories to make a strong couture statement. Kimono style floral, unusual botanical and oversize imagery are often in placed patterns on dresses, simple shaped tops and accenting adornments.

Zen-sational with modern clean shapes reflect the contemporary minimalism trend with stark importance. Bias-cut and asymmetric, definitive and clever tailoring create the basal silhouettes of the season. Made-to-measure precision is most effective in solid colors.

Resort sets the stage for the main event... Spring 2014. Stay tuned... xoxo-Sonya

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