Long gone are the days of definitive trend direction each season, restraining designers and their mind palace of inspiration. It is evident couturiers today have perfected their understanding of how women really want to dress. While minimalism may be the biggest news on the catwalks, handcrafted intellectual perspectives echo tribal, sportive and artistic elements. With a globetrotting arsenal of color and details, Spring/Summer 2014 promises a relief from overly indulgent excesses of celebrity-driven style. Replacing this is a wardrobe of elegance, where a woman can find tokens epitomizing her life's travel in the world...
Artesania... Amid Aztec and Mexican art inspired graphics, garment craftsmanship is cultured with turquoise, alizarin red and black. Geometric chevrons and bold Talavera tiles portrayed in highly detailed rich embroidery and beading frame edges and create fabrics and accessories with interesting placement decor. 

Bellanima... She is a beautiful spirit, free, flowing and bewitching. Soft shades of jade, celestite, opal and salmon highlighted with mercury glass silver and vintage rhinestone. Grecian draping, folded flounces, clever lace inserts and strands of seed beads adorn the goddess with sparkle and translucence.

Deliquesce... Melting away into a pool of color, blending, smoothing edges and surfaces. Aquamarine, blossom pink, cadmium green and marine swirl together in iridescence. Brushed suede and gloss fabrics, like ripples in water, are cut and constructed in layers, while printed patterns dissolve with natural movement.

Efflorescent... Blossoming into a contemporary blend of geometry and botany, shades of fern, maize, soft patina, sand and indigo enhance the organic palette. Simple picturesque flower sketches collage with linear counterparts in frosted and bright mid-tones. Soft loose knits in linen/rayon blends enwrap and drape.

Indigo... She's bedecked in shades of blue and chambray, specially treated in detailed denim. Linked together with zippers, pewter filigree and metal ringlets or laced with eyelets on peg board, tonal cabochons add surface details in a plethora of funky features.

Lineation... Black linear edges, brushstrokes, stripes and cut-outs define the style and silhouette. Over-saturated shades of magenta, scarlet, mustard and loden on a canvas of white make the outlines of form pronounced, and frame art house prints.

Magyar... A Hungarian folk festival of spirited color and charm. Traditional flowers festoon plackets, bodices, skirts and ballerina flats. In glass baubles, epoxy charms and silken thread, colors dance in multi shades of poppy red, cerulean, white and cyan.

Redolence... Fragrant, reminiscent of rich cultural exoticism. Copper, amber, jasper, cinnamon and heliotrope spice the blend of subtle ethnic ornament. Leather, satin-stitch embroidery, felted and touch-of-pile surfaces with hammered metal create a very eclectic and elegant mix.

Sojourn... She is on her way and will find rest on the journey. With an undercurrent of Turkish impression, colors of the traveler in shades of soapstone, breen, parchment, rosè and olive cover and protect. Burnished pewter and blocked wood add to utilitarian pocket detailing and primitive embroidery on mesh knitwear.

Stenstyle... Stenciled in style evocative of art nouveau floral and abstract. Laser cut curved templates in clean color evoke rich hues of cabernet, ochre, craftsman gold, grey, black and alabaster, harmonizing with the natural environment, made to showcase the female figure.
The many moods of Spring and Summer 2014... Enjoy the trip... xoxo-Sonya

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