Spring 2015 is comprised of two major tendencies... nostalgia and futuristic luxury, with a lot of liberties in between. Opposites attract creating a freshness in technique, texture and tone. It is a glorious mix of new and old, shiny and brushed, gilded and smooth, abstract and precise. Color is key and the details reflect couture art at its best. See the synthesis in the beauty of the Spring 2015 season... 

It is the dawn of iridescence glowing in abstract shape and surface textures. Shimmering golden sequins fleck irregular stripes, natural cut moonstones of opalescence mated with hammered metal, and knit-in beading all accent the watercolor gradient of color in soft fluid and bias cuts.

Desert safari for military moda in army green, cadet, tawny and khaki with accents of chambray. Worn brushed metal details soldier on crested buttons, inter-links and armed charms. Parachute fabric, light denim and leather are tomboyish constructed in line with bondage footwear and box-shaped accessories. 

The romantic nude color palette breathes softness in sheers, fine gauge knits and supple suede. Vintage embroidery and crystal beading, tonal stitching and whisper prints in diaphanous layers create the illusion of feminine vulnerability with a strength of character.

A bohemian rhapsody of color and pattern, let's join the gypsies as they travel from past to present. In a wagon filled with colors from tomato, robin blue, melon and cognac to folkloric floral prints, kitsch travels on. Color-rich crochet, embroidered flora and fancy cut-work reflect a free spirit worthy of couturier status.

Dove Fields
Field flowers luxuriate in tinted shades of grey. Refined wispy stalks artfully embroidered with hand knots and watercolor strokes on silk are accompanied by textural chain-stitch, fur and re-embroidered shimmering lace. Metal-dipped coated fabric and pheasant plumage add a surprising modern touch.   

Marsala Rose
Rosewater, Bordeaux, mahogany and coral create the perfect palette for placed intarsia and pointelle sweaters. Graduated color floral prints, rose gold and copper chain clothing constructions, and arty medallion crochet are saturated in wine and roses for true lady-like looks.

Morse Code
Dots and dashes in bold black and white are givens for the season. Spliced seaming, arced and avant-garde send a message of modernity. Shine in patents and satin with matte mates add to the striking contrast with dynamic brilliance. Bold top-stitching creates drama and structure to the shapes.

On an island surrounded by white hot beaches and colorful blossoms, the visual saturation is bliss. Satin stitch and sequin embroidery paints the perfect picture of paradise in a multitude of flirty brights. Easy relaxed shapes are the canvas for a bouquet of adornments in tropical sprays. 

Mesh, entwined, woven, laced, and braided, basketry is at its best. Neutral crafted imagery in clever printed fabric and crochet, tape yarn sweater knits, cut & sew engineering or rattan beading, the details carry it all. 

Earthenware inspired motifs of tile patterns and Mexican pottery add spice to the season. Terracotta, Catalina blue, stone, charcoal and putty glaze silhouettes in matte sequins and repro-tile findings. Bold template patterns and raised embroidery accompany fringe and corded gladiator footwear to complete the finery. 

The softer side of the shore, a romantic get-away in white, cream, shades of blue and bisque. Bias stripes and mottled slouchy knitwear are beachy and breezy. Delicate rhinestone embroidery and lingerie shapes harbor tranquility in mind, body and spirit.  

Summer heats up with an eclectic mix of color and style. Modernistic shapes, reminiscent of Balenciaga, provide an artistic and intricate canvas for strokes of tangerine, charcoal, Ming blue, russet and forest with a dash of pink. Ropes, bugle & bar beading, and tiger eye stone give a nod to the past while freshening up the future. 

So there you have a fresh look at Spring 2015... xoxo-Sonya

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