With a host of rich ideas and winning shapes, Fall / Winter 2015-16 promises excitement and wit, a little something for everyone. No two designers have channeled the movements the same, creating remarkable runway revelations, though common threads are clearly present.
Here are concept connections based on runway trends favored with a neoteric perspective... a little something novel for the Fall / Winter 2015-16 season...
Fashion takes flight with game embellishment, aloft surface treatments and trompe l'oeil decorated art-to-wear. Freedom in movement, wind and sky soar in cardinal, raven, sparrow and falcon.

Tweeds are paired with unusual partners bringing to life tales from the past. Mosaic and marl piece together an earthy blend of wunderkind in hand knit, crochet, print and pattern. Star anise, mushroom, cocoa, baked clay and lichen color the story.  

Classic and contemporary soft sculpture sweaters define detailing and shape. Elements of Art Nouveau in old mauve, wisteria, silver and cream brought into the spotlight with antique bits of shine and nostalgic flora. 

Luxury whispers to comfort in soft shades of blush, chamois, heather, dried herb and sage. Uniform balance in shape with draped folds of knit cashmere and wool provide leisure with a nod to timeworn beading.

Dot com generation garments parade in modern cubes of blue, cornflower, cyan, fire brick, maroon and sea green. Picture elements of patent shine with a touch of iridescence piece together puzzles of color-blocked knit, patchwork and square sequin stitching. 

Dwelling within the confines of wardrobe wonders, teal, pine, moss, cadet, patina and olive cultivate contemporary charisma. Space-dye yarns in chromatic pattern-play bind, border and beguile daytime cuts and fringed provisions. 

Folk and hip color merge in shades of marsala, cinnabar, wine, cerise and juniper-berry in tune with today's fusion. Layered pattern play, dissolved color knitwear manipulation, and satin stitched surfaces are all in the spirit of melding independent genres.

An assortment of bold shapes and seemingly opposed elements combine in mid-tone shades for urban breeding. Stylized animal no-pattern prints, classic menswear plaids and natural man-made cross boundaries in mallard, camel, mustard, crimson and charcoal.  

All American at its best in a sweeping diorama of careful mixed shape and color. This color-block trend has developed into a multi juxtaposition of caramel, bone, malachite, crimson, onyx and cadet. Surfaces are matte and shine, serious and playful.   

She is a free spirit with a heart of gold. Roses shower in velvet and lace, given bohemian voice with the clatter of coins and opulent enrichment. Cashmere rose, ruby, goldenrod, silver and dusk beguile this beautiful wanderer. 

Burnt orange and saffron spice graceful details in pointelle, brushed knit and shimmery floral. Richness of color and fiber ginger seductive, sexy and elegant attire in complementary shades and handiwork. 

Tapestry carpet motifs are geometric and interlink block patterns with ethnic and western appeal in sweaters, jacquard fabrics and a multitude of accessories. Terracotta, dried tobacco, sable, cranberry, honey mustard and cerulean round-up the assortment of woven runners.

The formula for a fabulous Fall / Winter 2015-16 is seasoned, sexy and street... xoxo-Sonya

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