Animal injects a wild and luxurious vibe. Skin and surface with agile fluidity in pattern and shape, color-blocking for contrast, and beaded fringe striping for accessory embellishments. Galaxy blue, dandelion, rocky road, and sugar cookie fluidly combine in sophisticated styling. 

Natural contrasts of unfinished and raw with sophisticated mixed materials in handmade and tech textures. From crafty to experimental, natural surfaces emerge amid indigenous design. In an earthy palette of gingerbread, bronze, peacock, peanut, and dark cheddar, primitive and polished combine in artisan union.

The richness of green pastures collects under the warmth of the golden sun, mixing classic with kitsch. Rough and rocky appears in tandem with ultra-smooth motifs and markings. Color on color or bold contrasts look fresh in Eden, orange tiger, dijon, bluestone, and crème de pêche.

The subtle antique inspiration looks toward the loving past. Prosperous aged Europe enmeshed with classic color in a variety of pattern play is seen in crewelwork and paisley motifs. Embellishment is indulgent in shades of evening blue, chili pepper, peach pink, vanilla custard, and hazelnut.

Hollywood meets lilac in fluidity and glamour for a compelling character study of style. In lavender hues of plum, orchid, mulberry, mauve, and obsidian, modern nostalgia makes room for movement and magnetism. Bursts of textile blooms and budding bunches of crystals impact elemental finesse.

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