The progressive quintessence on runways for the Resort 2021 season was swapped for something a bit safer and salable. Classic yet current and tradition with a twist were prevalent at the mostly online unveiled seasonal styles. While the populace is not rushing to embark on an around-the-world-in-80-days trip anytime soon, virtual travel can become fodder for the frivolity of fashion.

Palms are the prevalent print direction for Resort into Spring 2021. A symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life, palm branches originated in the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean. Updated in uplifting pastel colors of mango, turquoise, carnation, French blue, and cerulean, the tropics are eye-candy satisfying walled-in wanderlust. Striped lampwork unifies the ribbed repeat for fresh accessory additions.

Out of bedroom nest and into life. Boudoir bargello continues to make strides in dreamy daytime design. Lace is placed purposefully, adding spirit and suggestion. Tatted tokens become tried and true adornments taking on new meaning for classic with a twist. Mauve, inkwell, soft grey, willow, and mocha soften and seduce with warmth and grace.

Scarves have made a huge comeback, not only as safety shields. Bold prints and patterning twisted, tied and shirted bring artistry to the mix. Clear sky, desert mist, ice, hickory, and azure complement and coordinate in time-honored concord. Leather in matte and high-shine, wood, and copper dipped glass become a healthy balance of detail and playfulness.

Lichens are composite organisms consisting of a fungus and a photosynthetic partner growing together in a symbiotic relationship. It is about balance for evolution. Patterning spreads and survives in extreme environments, the ultimate adaptive design. Elements are embodied in a neutral palette of willow, moss, slate, oat, and carob with gradation. Fossilized wood, bone, hemp, and sanded metallics influence nature-made style.

As the rudimentary shoot of an embryo plant begins life seen, floral patterns in hot brights bring life the exotic whim we crave. Mustard seed, inkwell, imperial red, greystone, and sculptor clay combine in fanciful florals, blooming with bouquets of novelty. Lightweight petals of fabric become earrings while lampwork focals are firey with sass.

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